Wellness Spa and Salon-City Tower Hotel Fujairah

Located at the PH level at City Tower Hotel, Wellness Spa & Salon offers various wellness services for a rejuvenating experience. Highly experienced and professionals masseurs and therapist from Morocco and Philipines offer the following services

Shiatsu150 DHS (30min)

Type of massage using thumbs, fingers, palm or feet applying on pressure points.This type of massage helps produce deep relaxation, increases energy levels and brings body balance.

SWEDISH 150 DHS (30min)

Swedish body massage is a combination of many different massage techniques rolled into one session.This massage involves the therapist working with the soft muscles in the body to help restore balance and health.

THAI150 DHS (30min)

Traditionally, Thai massage is done lying down on the floor,starting at the feet and moving towards the head making the body loose and stretched. It combines techniques and remedial massage. Traditional Thai massage is great for athletes as it keeps them flexible and helps prevent injuries. It also improves the flexibility and mobility of handicapped.


Is a specific type of massage that concentrates on the deep layers of muscles and fascia in the body by using deep finger pressure and slow firm strokes. Deep tissue is used to treat a variety of physical ailments. Many doctors recommend deep tissue massage to their patients, as a treatment option because of certain unique benefits.


Stress reduction by generating deep tranquil relaxation helping to build a balanced body,enhancing energy flow and improve blood circulation.Removes metabolism induced toxins by stimulating more than 7,000 nerves in feet. Improves immune system, increases energy REFLEXOLOGY, revitalizes energy throughout the body by relaxing and opening up energy path ways.

Normal Moroccan Bath 120 Dhs

Herbal Moroccan bath150 DHS

Facial 150 DHS

Threading / Full face50 DHS

Manicure60 DHS

Pedicure90 DHS

Foot spa W/ callus removal 100 DHS

Hair color / root 120 DHS

Hair color/ shoulder length 200 DHS

Hair cutting/ shampoo 80 DHS

Full body waxing/wedding 200 DHS

Full legs 100 DHS

Full arms 80 DHS

Under arms 50 DHS